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Nushan's Garden ðŸŒą

a Panda living in the asian suburbs 🐞

All the knowledge I managed to plant

Let's Create a Free VPS Server

Dec 16, 2021

Git Hub Pages for Web Hosting

Aug 12, 2020

Creating a Weather App Using Openweathermaps API

Aug 11, 2020

Secure Your JavaScript Files

Aug 10, 2020

Creating a Messaging App With Firebase

Aug 9, 2020

Firebase Hosting and Analytics

Aug 8, 2020

Projects I Pour My Time Into

Cloud Ship Agency
Cloud Ship Agency

A new Software and Web Development agency based Operations in Sri Lanka

Seeding ðŸŒą
Silence Remover

Automatic Silence Remover for Video files, using FFmpeg and Python moviepy library

video_editing automation
Growing ðŸŒŋ
Chemlab Website Project
Chemlab Website Project

A Website Developed for a Maldivian chemical company Chemlab (PVT) Ltd in 2021

Evergreen ðŸŒģ
Xoanon Web Hosting Platform
Xoanon Web Hosting Platform

A Web hosting platform made for making the web development process easier and affordable for everyone

Growing ðŸŒŋ

A technology blog I maintained before starting with this site.

Fall 🍂

Notes on some of the books I enjoyed reading

Personal Space of Nushan Kodiakra
48 Laws of Power