Welcome to the world of modern web hosting, now why modern you ask, If you followed our course of modern web development, by now you should know it’s different from the typical web development process and here Today I’m showing you the free and paid web hosting platforms I use for my projects in a daily basis. My favorite is Netlify, before you ask, and this is only an introduction guide to what we’re going to explore in the near future. Let’s get into the list

Just A PC

  1. Heroku
  2. Netlify
  3. Github Pages
  4. Infinity free
  5. Vercel
  6. Free Hosting

#1 Heroku


Heroku is a cloud platform as a service supporting several programming languages. One of the first cloud platforms, Heroku has been in development since June 2007, when it supported only the Ruby programming language, but now supports Java, Node.js, Scala, Clojure, Python, PHP, and Go. Now with these stack, We’ll use Node.js in the future. Now Why it’s the #1? It’s free tire makes it one of the best out there.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Sites
  • 550-1,000 dyno hours per month
  • Deploy with Git and Docker
  • Custom domains
  • Container orchestration
  • Automatic OS patching
  • Sleeps after 30 mins of inactivity, otherwise always on depending on your remaining monthly free dyno hours.

#2 Netlify (My Personal Favorite)


Netlify is a San Francisco-based cloud computing company that offers hosting and serverless backend services for web applications and static websites.

Its features include continuous deployment from Git across Netlify Edge, the company’s global application delivery network infrastructure, serverless form handling, support for AWS Lambda functions, and full integration with Let’s Encrypt. It provides both free and paid plans. And their workflow got my heart.

Netlify customers include Google, Facebook, Verizon, NBC, Samsung, Nike, Cisco, Atlassian, LiveChat, Unilever, TriNet, Loblaw, Wieden+Kennedy, HashiCorp, Vue.js, Citrix, Peloton, Kubernetes, Lodash, Smashing Magazine, and Sequoia Capital. Their free tire contains

  • 100GB Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Automated builds from Git
  • Deploy to global Edge network
  • Site previews for every push
  • Instant rollbacks to any version
  • Deploy static assets & dynamic serverless functions
  • Domain Manager

#3 Github Pages

Github Pages

GitHub Pages is a static site hosting service that takes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files straight from a repository on GitHub, optionally runs the files through a build process, and publishes a website. Here you can also connect a custom domain and that’s pretty much all you can do with it. But how ever, you’ll get unlimited storage bandwidth and many more features with it.

#4 Infinity free

Infinity Free

I Still don’t believe the fact that this is real, but it is. This site offers completely free web-hosting without support and anyways who needs support? we are developers so we can manage it anyways, let’s explore the options this service offers us.

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Hosted Domains
  • No E-mail Accounts
  • 1 FTP Account
  • Limited Server Power
  • 50,000 Daily Hits

#5 Vercel


This is also a service like netlify and as they say Vercel is the best place to deploy any frontend app. Start by deploying with zero configuration to our global edge network. Scale dynamically to millions of pages without breaking a sweat. They also have a cool free tire and let’s explore.

  • HTTPS-enabled Custom Domains
  • Continuous Deployment with Git
  • High-performance Edge Network
  • Unlimited Websites & APIs
  • Serverless Functions in Node.js, Go, and more

Also You Can Deploy from

  • GitHub personal accounts
  • GitLab personal accounts
  • Bitbucket personal accounts
  • Command-Line Interface

#6 Free Hosting

Free Hosting offers you what other free web hosting services out there simply cannot. We give you the full range of tools and resources you need for creating all kinds of websites. Free hosting package is perfectly suitable for lightweight websites like Wordpress blog, Internet forum, or website built with our Site Builder. On average, free account can serve roughly 30000 daily visitors of PHP-based website, or virtually unlimited visitors of pure HTML website. We do not limit availability of your website – it will be online 24 hours a day.

  • 100% free hosting for lifetime
  • Hosting for your own domain name
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Linux / Apache / PHP / MySQL
  • One-time billed addons


That would be like a Heaven for most of the developers I know, But they all have a secret to control traffic and so, I listed them in the descending order of the limitation. According to my calculations, #1 can handle more users daily than the #5 option but still #5 option can handle 30,000 Daily users and that’s a huge amount and you won’t need to pay a single dollar to get these options. So why do we pay for more hosting?


Let’s be real, These are unlikely but real, Try for yourself and see the difference. I love these services and currently I’m using Netlify as I said, And hope you’ll use them too. Also This is an introduction for a post I’m planning to the future so stay tuned for that.