About I GO Maldives

I GO Maldives is a group of professionals with a wide range of experience in the fields of Chemical handling, Consultancy, Constructions, Server Management, Web Development and Business Development.

What makes them special among others?

Team work! they are the only group in maldives where you can get all the services you need from a single stop. With it you can enjoy the following benefits over our competition.

Currently they are developing the business with this unity in mind. they know you’re interested in an easier future and they are here to fulfill it. Contact us through our email system for more informatio OR use the chat icon at the bottom left corner.

My Role in I GO Maldives

I work as the main website developer and the server administrator for hosting and email services behalf of I GO Maldives.

About the Website

This website is developed using sveltekit and bootstrap with a completely custom theme and design which is fully responsive and supports all the modern browsers. This site is hosted in cloudflare pages and the email services are provided by Xoanon Hosting Services.