About Mountain Lodge

Mountain lodge is a tuorism project which takes place in Ella, Sri Lanka. The uniqueness of this project starts from it’s managers. Usually a project of this kind is owned by a multi million company or so on, But here Roy and Catarina Dixon, two individuals with a kind heart and a vision are performing the project.

Why do Mountain Lodge matters?

Mountain Lodge will be providing, presently the largest amount of foreign direct investment for the development of tourism infrastructure to the UVA Province. More importantly, we will be helping to attract high-end tourists, bringing in much-needed foreign currency, and we will be providing many good jobs, along with significant socio-economic benefits to our local community.

My Role in Mountain Lodge

I am the main developer of their website which you can visit here.

About the Website

The website has been built using WordPress and a custom theme. The theme is built using Bootstrap 5 and SASS. The theme is fully responsive and supports all the modern browsers.